About Uplift Design

Vibodha Clark, CEO

Website Designer, Web Developer, Online Strategist,
SEO Optimiser, Marketing, Online Advertising & Social Media Specialist
Vibodha has been a website designer since 1997. He initially trained in Silicon Valley, the global centre for high technology, when the internet was just moving into the public domain.

With over 20 years experience in website design, social media and online advertising, his knowledge and practical skills have assisted hundreds of clients to achieve their online goals.

Vibodha prefers to work with clients who have a clear vision of what they want to achieve coupled with the drive to succeed.

Each year Uplift Design takes on a few new clients and works progressively with them to achieve online success with their websites, online stores, events, social media and online advertising.

His skills as a teacher, public speaker and educator enables clients to understand concepts quickly and empowers them to take control of their online business the way they'd like to.

We are in Denmark, Western Australia

We see ALL of our clients over the telephone and online (at the same time) so you are able to see the work in-progress, enabling us to get it right the first time.
Denmark, Western Australia is located on the South Coast of Western Australia, the Rainbow Coast. It's an amazing place to live, facing the south pole, among the native karri and tingle trees with sublime beaches and coastline!

However, we only see clients in the virtual world, meeting via telephone and the web, ensuring the end-results is as planned. 

We have clients in Australia, NZ, the UK and the USA. To call us, remember we're +8 GMT (8 hours ahead of London) year round.
Uplift Design is a web design, web development, social media, marketing and online advertising business for the Healing, 
Creative and Performing artists. 

We're committed to making a difference in the most visited place in the world: the internet.
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