Fast, effective and professional.

From your home or office, in front of your computer, you or your team will participate in the design and development of your website, and watch it unfold with the head of our agency, master web-designer and web-developer, Vibodha Clark.

No matter where you are, the focus is on having your website be productive, profitable, beautiful and to get your message across to the right people!

Having a great website gives you and your customers peace of mind and brings YOU great results.

Our agency specialises in website that work!

We are Website Design and Development, Search Engine Optimisation & Social Media Marketing experts, and have been helping businesses succeed online for over 20 years.


If you are looking for a web developer who will be able to assist you in getting your message out to the world, and who UNDERSTANDS where you are coming from, you've come to the right place.

Vibodha has been designing websites for professionals in the Healing, Creative and Performing Arts; eco-friendly businesses and spiritual professions since 1997.

He knows YOUR message is important, and that it is frustrating to work with someone who does not understand where you are coming from.

We do. 


If you've made the decision to get your message out there and create a website, you are ready to get it moving NOW.

Most agencies (or friends, or nieces or nephews) can take MONTHS to develop a website, and their interpretation of your message can be a little off.

Why draw out the process?  Get your website designed beautifully from someone who can interpret your message and develop a website that you're happy with, on time.

Typical websites are created in under 1 month (usually within a fortnight).


You will be impressed with the way we develop websites.  You are involved in the look and feel of your site, and are able to comment on the way it looks, the way it works, as well as what it says.

Your input is vital to creating a website that works for you.


We are trusted by hundreds of businesses throughout Australia and the world.

Our clients include celebrities and authors, national and international manufacturing businesses, famous artists and speakers, award winning gardeners as well as independent consultants and contractors, teams and other independent agencies from around the globe. 

Modern websites for today!


With over 50% of your visitors using a mobile device to browse your website, it is now essential that your website is fully responsive and mobile-friendly to produce the best possible results.

All of our websites are designed this way.


Search Engines will rank your fully responsive website more highly than a non responsive competitor website. We will ensure you understand how to create content that is Search Engine Friendly for great SEO from the start.


Fully responsive means that your website adapts to the size of your viewers screen, it transforms automatically from wide-screen for desktop users down to a mini-screen for your visitors who are using their mobile devices!


Click play to hear Vibodha discuss mobile-friendly websites and what it means for you...

Updating your website

Designing your website is like planting a garden, you take the time to design it, choose the right plants and then plant. Once it is planted you still need to water and tend it in order to achieve the harvest, this is the same for your website. It should be maintained every few months to keep it producing your desired results.

Will my site be easy to update?

You can update your website from anywhere in the world using your built-in Content Management System which gives you administrative control of all aspects of your website, e-commerce system, blog and more...
Easily log-in and manage your website
Edit website content (text and images)
Add and edit Photo Galleries and Slideshows
Create and publish beautiful blog posts
Add videos from YouTube or SoundCloud
Manage your online shop

We build successful online shops!

With a uniquely designed eCommerce website you can add an unlimited number of products and organise and display them in catalogues and categories, cross-sell, and even sell downloadable eProducts like eBooks, MP3s and digital files!
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Wonder if we're the agency for you?

Whether you are a sole-trader expanding your business or an established company looking for an agency who can manage your online presence and report actual results, our agents are on your team to help you achieve your goals.
Development Teams
Natural Product Suppliers
Tourism a speciality!
Nationally Recognised Brands
Organic Wine Makers
Organic Food Manufacturers
Professional Speakers
Local Contracting Companies
Organic Online Food Suppliers
Publishing Companies
NYT Bestselling Authors
Performance Artists
Psychologists & Counsellors
National Jewellery Makers
Accountants & Law Firms
Other conscious businesses
We offer a discrete service for Public Figures, Celebrities and Professional Speakers.  Allow your audience to hear your message in the clearest, most effective way!  We're on your team to help you achieve your goals, not to make us look good!
Uplift Design is a specialist web design, ecommerce, social media, marketing and online advertising agency based in Denmark, Western Australia.  Consultations by request.

Since 1997, we've been making a difference to businesses of all sizes in the most visited place in the world: the internet.
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